Imperial has named Cando Rail Services as a Canada Fuels Operations (CFO) Contractor Safety Leader winner for 2020. This is the fourth year in a row that Cando has been recognized as a Safety Leader by Imperial.

“The accountability to Safety and Operational Excellence that Cando operates to, combined with their focus on the customer, is what makes them successful and is the reason why Imperial continues to recognize them as leaders at our Contractor Forums year over year,” says Jason Nixon, Edmonton Railyard Superintendent for Imperial.

Imperial sets the operating standards extremely high for the hundreds of contractors that work in their CFO division. The company presents safety recognition awards to contractors at its annual Contractor Safety Forum. In previous years Imperial presented the safety awards in gold, silver and bronze categories but this year there were no categories and the company recognized five Safety Leaders total out of the 200+ embedded contractors.

This year, the award was based on day-to-day safe operations at Imperial sites, how Loss Prevention System (LPS) is implemented, the safety culture of the personnel and how all of that influences the safety statistics.

“While there are safety statistics that highlight Cando’s commitment to safety, we also want to highlight the positive feedback from Operations,” says Jessica Snelgrove, Contractor Safety Advisor for Imperial’s CFO. “Cando was nominated for their proactive reporting environment. The willingness to identify losses and near losses early and submit them for an investigation to address the issue and for their implementation of their Care Management program.”

In addition to the company award, Cando Safety Supervisor Scott Tansowny was also selected by Imperial as a Safety Hero based on his continued efforts towards LPS and all of its initiatives as well as his commitment to being an active Safety Leader as a first line supervisor for Cando.

“Being recognized as a CFO Contractor Safety Leader four years in a row by Imperial, whose safety standards are among the highest in the world, is a very significant accomplishment,” says Sean Crick, AVP Service Delivery, Energy & Chemicals for Cando. “It wouldn’t be possible without our solid team of safe, hard-working, dedicated people. Cando employees don’t just talk the talk, they are continually being recognized by our customers for walking the walk. Congratulations to our team at Imperial Strathcona.”

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