Problems Need Solutions

Today, more than ever, industrial shippers are reliant on an efficient, economical, and reliable supply chains.

However, most don’t have either the time, resources, or expertise to create the right solution for their needs or run it in a cost effective, efficient, and safe manner.

That’s why, since 1978, Cando Rail & Terminals has been creating complete, custom rail solutions for our clients across North America. Our specialized rail operating services allow industrial shippers to optimize their supply chains and connect to Class I railways by leveraging our operating capabilities and network of owned multi-purpose rail terminals. This enables clients to reduce costs, increase production and concentrate on what they do best – running their business.

A Partner You Can Trust

At Cando Rail & Terminals, we are as invested in our clients’ success as they are.

We work as part of our clients’ teams, integrating into their operations. We will create a complete and custom solution for all their rail supply chain needs. Fully embedded in the supply chain, we always ensure our clients’ products get to where they need them, when they want them.

Health and Safety Comes First

From our early days salvaging rail track, we now handle more than 2 million railcars a year, containing products worth nearly $100 billion, helping transport them across North America.

However, no matter how much we’ve grown, our award-winning safety culture remains our top priority. We are committed to protecting our people, property, communities, and the environment from any adverse effects related to our operations.

A Personal Service

Cando was established more than 45 years ago by Gord Peters and Rick Hammond.

They built the business by focusing on customer satisfaction, employee development, innovation, and, above all, safety. Today, the company has more than 1,000 employees across North America but we haven’t lost the sense of personal investment that has made us a success – because more than half of our employees are company shareholders.


Cando got its start in rural Manitoba and a sense of community is built into the foundation of our company.

We have since grown across North America, but we are committed to maintaining that community mindedness in every region we operate and ensuring we are helping build a sustainable future. Cando’s sustainability plan is grounded in four pillars: environmental stewardship, indigenous relations, workforce/people, and community giving.