Cando’s new platform will help track, visualize & optimize supply chains in real-time from any device.

Vancouver, BC—February 7, 2019: Cando Rail Services today released Quasar—a revolutionary digital platform designed to increase productivity and supply chain visibility, optimize rail networks, and dramatically reduce time and costs for shippers, rail transportation managers, railyard staff, logistics managers and more.

Cando executives and members of the operations team are at the Cargo Logistics Canada Expo & Conference in Vancouver today for an enlightening discussion about the future of supply chain management and to demo Quasar to potential customers.

Cando Rail Services released Quasar today – a new digital platform to increase supply chain productivity and visibility. Quasar will dramatically reduce time and costs for shippers, railyards and more. (CNW Group/Cando Rail Services)

With more than 40 years’ experience specializing in rail services and optimizing supply chain networks, Cando saw the need for improved technology to help companies move products efficiently and at lower costs.

“The future of supply chain management has arrived,” said Cando’s CEO, Brian Cornick. “Our customers can now easily track the location and movement of their assets in real-time, from origin to destination, and beyond, anytime, from any device. This is a huge step forward.”

Companies can make use of Cando’s new technology quickly and cost effectively. Quasar’s full platform includes comprehensive Yard Management and Shipment Visibility applications, as well as components for Car Storage, Activity-Based Costing, Metrics & Analytics, and Predictive & Prescriptive Analytics.

“In a complex, globalized, digital economy, the supply chain of yesterday is not up to the task of meeting shifting demand and increasingly complex digital supply chain networks,” said Corrie Banks, Director of Logistics at Cando. “We need new solutions to position Canada in the digital supply chain of the future. We have a product that we believe will play a significant role in the future of the digital supply chain. Feedback from customers testing Quasar has been extremely positive.”

If you don’t want to be left in the dark, visit the Cando Rail Services’ booth at the Cargo Logistics Canada Expo & Conference in Vancouver today or learn more at

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