Railcar staging and storage available this fall

Construction of Cando Rail Services’ Sturgeon Terminal in the Alberta Heartland has been progressing well since construction started late in 2019.

Currently the crews are nearing completion of the civil and grading work while simultaneously staging track construction, which began on July 20, 2020. The nearly 16,000 foot loop and access track connecting to CN and all the turnouts associated with the south storage yard have now been laid out and are ready for ballasting. The crews will then move on to the installation of the Phase 1 yard tracks which will enable storage of up to 1,900 railcars.

Through the National Trade Corridors Fund the federal government will invest up to $15 million in not only the project but the overall business growth in the Alberta Heartland which serves many industry leading companies. Sturgeon County and CN have also been very supportive of the project, making it a real collaborative effort.

Cando’s Sturgeon Terminal will provide seven day per week service for railcar staging and storage, as well as multi unit train handling capability.

Video Update: September Progress

For more information on Cando Sturgeon Terminal and the services provided email sales@candorail.com.

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