Published on: April 27, 2017

Expresses confidence in BC economy for the long haul

KAMLOOPS, BC, April 27, 2017 – Cando Rail Services has officially opened its rail terminal in Kamloops, BC. It will begin serving customers on site as the company expands its services into British Columbia.

New track at Cando’s rail terminal in Kamloops

“We have successfully completed phase 1 of this terminal project and our expansion into BC,” said company CEO Brian Cornick. “We believe in the BC economy and are here for the long term to serve the rail and shipping industry as well as mining, forestry and other customers.”

Phase 1 included building new track which will be used primarily for storage of empty railcars but bigger plans for the site continue to develop including transloading, railcar repair, and track and engineering services. The company has hired railway operating personnel for the terminal and additional hiring will be based on contracts and customer demand. The site will also serve as a base from which Cando can serve and support rail operations for customers throughout BC.

“We expect our Kamloops operation to grow and evolve over time. It’s the perfect location for our BC headquarters situated close to major ports and connected to the rest of Canada,” said Cornick.

Cando is the largest independent railcar storage and staging company in Canada, with more than 3,000 car spots in strategically located yards and sidings across Canada.

About Cando

Cando Rail Services is an employee-owned company established in 1978 in Brandon, Manitoba. Cando optimizes the bulk material supply chain for industry and the Class 1 railways across North America. Cando’s goal is to provide a complete rail solution by offering individual services including industrial switching, material handling, logistics, terminal and transload services, engineering and track services, railcar storage, railcar repair and short line operations. Operating at more than 25 sites across Canada and the U.S., Cando serves many industries including automotive/manufacturing, fertilizer/potash, petroleum, grain and grain products, forest products and intermodal. To learn more about Cando’s business and services, please visit:

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