Regional service

Cando’s short lines provide more than just online service, with many additional services available including railcar loading, transloading, railcar repair and railcar storage. Cando is an industry leader in the railway industry, with executives serving on both the board and committees of the Railway Association of Canada. Cando owns or operates two short line railways in Canada:

Central Manitoba Railway (CEMR)

CEMR is a Cando-owned, 67-mile short line running from East Selkirk north of Winnipeg to Carman south of Winnipeg and serving 20+ transportation customers. Click here for more information on CEMR.


Barrie Collingwood Railway (BCRY)

The BCRY is a community-owned short line in southern Ontario that partners with Cando as a railway services operator contracted to provide local railway services to online customers for interchange with CP. The BCRY currently runs on 13.6 miles of track and serves several industries ranging from chemicals, to lumber, to plastics, to crane handling. The BCRY also provides car storage for up to 250 cars.