Comprehensive service

Cando’s experienced team of mechanics, technicians, estimators, administrators and managers look after your fleet as if it were their own. We repair all types of railcar equipment, including boxcars, gondolas, hopper cars and flatcars as well as supply parts and service for EMD locomotives. We also offer dry sweep or wet wash cleaning of all types of railcars, including DG and non DG tanks and foodgrade/kosher.

Key benefits:

  • AAR M-1003 certified for freight car inspection, repair & air brake testing
  • Rule 88B Heavy & Freight Car Repairs
  • AAR Office Manual (Pricing & Billing Procedures)
  • AAR Welding Standards AWS D15.1Railcar inspection and assessment
  • Medium service general repairs
  • Single car, mini major programs
  • Railroad damage repairs
  • Fabrication projects & retrofit programs
  • Wrecks
  • Air brake testing & cleaning, wheel replacement
  • Mobile railcar repairs
  • Railcar cleaning, dry sweep or wet wash
  • Locomotive parts, maintenance, repairs and refurbishment
  • Electronic estimating and administration