One-stop shop

We are a leader in providing innovative track solutions for Class 1 railways and large industrial customers, grain companies, mines and short lines across North America. You’ll find that Cando is a one stop shop for track, from conception, to design, to construction, to removal. Our experienced team of engineers and track experts, and qualified CROR operators, will provide you with the right equipment and expertise for any job. With regional bases in several provinces and mobile crews from Ontario to BC, we can respond quickly to any of your track needs.

Track construction, maintenance and inspection

From capital program track work to tie replacement programs, we offer a full suite of construction and maintenance services to meet your needs. Our team of engineers can help you design and build the right track infrastructure, while our team of track experts can inspect and maintain your track to ensure operations run smoothly. Services include track design, project management, railway consultants, maintenance planning, long term capital planning, capital program track working including rail bed construction, rail replacement programs and grade construction, track inspection and reporting and light and medium maintenance including track upgrades, thermite welding and distressing, rail joint build up, switch grinding, tie and rail changeout, surfacing and alignment, changing switch stands, building/installing turnouts, crossing replacements and repairs, snow and ice removal, and conducting derailment repairs.

Track removal

We are experts at track removal and tear out, with customized processes and techniques perfected over four decades. Our rail construction and removal projects provide a large supply of rail materials available for resale including relay ties, relay rail, switch material, crossings and signals, bridge materials, landscape and agricultural grade ties, re-roll quality and scrap steel, sea containers and various sizes rough lumber and culverts.

On-track material handling

Cando is specialized in material handling and support for production gangs and local engineering departments. We have a fleet of hi-rail picker and deck trucks, as well as Brandt trucks paired with flat cars and an excavator. Our trucks are used for light motive power, material distribution, production loading, inventory management and general support for the railway industry.

Key features:

  • Commitment to Safety
  • CROR Qualified Operators
  • The Right Expertise and Equipment
  • Diverse Capabilities
  • Central Location and Project Flexibility

Industries we serve: