Every company in every industry has unique logistics challenges to solve when it comes to moving products. Complex systems almost always need sophisticated solutions. We have decades of experience working alongside our customers supply chains, and are in the unique position to design and implement logistics solutions to ensure people, assets and networks are all in sync.

By focusing on network visibility and transparency, Cando’s team of logistics experts work with you to ensure you are optimizing your assets. Our digital supply chain platform, called Quasar, allows you to track the location and movement of your railcars in real-time, visualize your supply chain from origin to destination, and optimize network health and fleet utilization, reduce dwell time and monitor inventory.

Cando’s logistics team can provide real-time railcar visibility using best in class GPS tracking devices and a comprehensive dashboard and reporting system.

Key benefits:

  • Supply chain optimization: we will work with you and your customers, suppliers, transportation and operations partners to identify and reduce bottlenecks
  • Logistics services: manage your network, including one central point for multi-modal order, shipment, track and trace, on-time delivery, issue mitigation, freight audit and pay, inventory management, and network optimization
  • Real-time railcar visibility: from origin to final destination at 30-minute intervals using best in class GPS tracking devices, encrypted secure data transmission, and geographical map functionality to see the car location; our system can store and analyze historic data over multiple years, is environmentally safe, customer orientated and will improve yard management
  • Comprehensive dashboard: alerts, triggers and notifications related to dwell time and demurrage; our dashboard will provide asset utilization and dwell time reporting daily, weekly and monthly