Helping your local rail network move better

Your business and your customers rely on your supply chain. We get that. Our whole focus is on connecting industry to the Class 1 railways.

When we go to work for you, you’ll find us on the ground working with your team, analyzing your supply chain so it runs more smoothly, safety and efficiently.

Not only does your local rail network move better, your connections up and down the supply chain benefit at the same time. Wherever we plug in locally to that network – at intermodal hubs or industrial plant environments – we aim to make it better up and down the line.

Solutions that benefit everyone

Cando is committed to finding the most effective operational partnerships between our industrial customers and their rail service providers. We have close working relationships with the Class 1 railways and have earned their confidence to operate on their tracks, with running rights at a number of locations.

"Handling 1.14 million railcars a year, our customers trust us with $29 billion of product annually. Cando has the experience, equipment and expertise to connect industry to the global market."
We develop trusted, long-term partnerships between ourselves, our industrial customers and the Class 1 railways for everyone’s benefit:
  • Industrial customers can safely reduce in-plant expenses , improve service and increase volume of product;
  • Class 1s can reduce operational expenses and increase haulage.
We work with you to develop customized, on-site solutions for even complex jobs, helping design, build, operate and finance entire rail terminals and transload facilities. Let us optimize your local supply chain network.