Involved Where We Work

Cando Cares Fund

Cando Rail Services allocates funds toward charitable donations including capital campaigns and ad-hoc charitable causes. Donation allocation within the Cando Cares Fund is based on Cando’s core values. As an employee-owned company, these values come directly from the workers that make up Cando. A survey of Cando employee’s determined that the focus of our collective donations would fall predominantly in these areas:

  • Youth development programs
  • Healthcare and health-related initiatives
  • Educational programs
  • Community development and building

Staff-Led Initiatives – Cando takes pride in having our employees actively involved in the communities where we operate. We provide matching funds when employees raise money for charitable donations. We also recognize volunteer efforts of our employees in the community by providing donations to the organizations for which our employees volunteer.

If you want to request a donation from the Cando Cares Fund, please contact Requests will be reviewed quarterly.

Cando Spirit High School Scholarship Program

Cando believes in strong work ethic, determination, leadership and a can-do attitude. We support high school students who embody these attributes and use them toward their educational endeavors.

Working with high schools in all of the communities we operate within, Cando Rail Services provides a scholarship annually to a student with the “Cando Spirit.”

Cando Sponsorships

Cando sponsors organizations and events in the communities we operate within. Sponsorships are focused on four pillars of social responsibility on which Cando focuses. Cando’s four pillars of social responsibility are:

  • Safety/Protection of the Community
  • Environmental Conservancy
  • Leadership Development
  • The Cando Spirit

Understanding Cando’s four pillars of social responsibility:

Safety/Protection of the Community—We focus on a culture of safety vigilance and awareness within our workplace and want it also in our communities. Safe work practices, compliance with established rules, legislation and procedures, and the respect for one’s own well-being and the well-being of others are all fundamentals contributing to a safe community.

Environmental Conservancy—Sustainability of our environment and natural resources is essential to our operation and to simply enjoying life. Cando strives to be a leader, focusing our efforts to protect the environment from any adverse effects related to our operations. We also support organizations focused on protection of environment and look for ways to support conserving green space within our communities.

Leadership Development—It’s important to mentor and motivate people in our organization and within the communities we operate. Our Leadership Development pillar focuses on supporting creativity, empowerment, business savvy and courage so individuals and organizations can continue to develop and lead growth in communities.

The Cando Spirit—The Cando Spirit can encompass any of the three pillars listed above but also embodies other important concepts of business integrity, education and continued learning, innovative thinking and employee empowerment. We value other community organizations that focus their effort with the same spirit.

If you coordinate an organization or event(s) that has a focus within one or more of the Cando pillars of social responsibility, and are in a community we operate within, there may be a good fit for the Cando Sponsorship Program. To discuss sponsorship opportunities, contact the Cando office in your community or email