Cando has decades of experience working in the just-in-time environment of the automotive sector. We know the importance of reducing the time it takes to move items within your production system and to and from suppliers and customers.

Working with major automotive companies including Toyota and Magna International, we understand how even a small disruption can lead to larger problems at multiple locations in the supply chain. With expert crews on both sides of the Canada-U.S. border, we move more than a million vehicle frames and hundreds of thousands of vehicles a year for our customers.

Our expert crews can help your in plant operations work more smoothly. With our close working relationships with North American Class 1 railways, we can frequently negotiate running rights on their track which can further improve our ability to get your products to their destinations quickly.

We can integrate loading and unloading of railcars, inventory management, railcar inspections, facility inspections and track maintenance into your daily switching operations. And our dedicated, competent and flexible crews can accommodate most production requirements.

Magna International case study