Track Design and Expansion Planning

Technical services to design the right track infrastructure that meets every specific in-plant need. Services include industrial layout, project management, maintenance plan design and construction and maintenance optimization.

Track Construction and Maintenance

In-plant track construction on any project big or small, including new track, track upgrades and customized maintenance programs.

Track Inspection

Regular track inspections to manage track condition with minimal disruption, and a wide range of track repair services to maintain rail, tie, OTM and ballast.

Track Removal and Tie Disposal

A variety of removal and disposal solutions.

Railcar Switching

Movement and placing of railcars to meet production requirements while working with Class 1 railways to ensure the most effective operational partnership. In 2015, Cando moved approximately 240,000 non-intermodal railcars and 150,000 intermodal railcars.

Locomotive Repair and maintenance

Regular inspection and maintenance on all locomotives and rail equipment.

Railcar Inspection and Cleaning

Regular inspection and maintenance on all railcars to ensure in-plant fleet is operating at full capacity.

Railcar Storage

Ability to design, build, finance and operate a cost-effective dedicated car storage facility under a long-term partnership. Services including inventory management, car repair, car stenciling, AEI tags, DC inspections and graffiti touch-ups.

Material Handling and Logistics

Experienced and flexible crews and equipment oer specialized management and services to accommodate unique production requirements including the loading or unloading of railcars, quality control, cross docking and inventory management.

Transload Services

Transloading is the transfer of goods from truck to railcar or railcar to truck. Value added services include expert load securement, lay down and storage services, inventory management, quality control sampling, and local truck brokerage. Ability to integrate product transfer, transloading and logistics with plant operation support, rail integration and switching. Products handled include crude oil, NGLs, ethanol, methanol, biodiesel, grain, paper products, lumber, fertilizers, chemicals and steel.

Facility Management

Ability to integrate contract facility operation with various rail services.

On-Track Material Handling and Special Projects

Material handling and support for production gangs and engineering departments. Fleet of hi-rail picker trucks, as well as Brandt trucks paired with flat cars and an excavator. Used for light motive power, material distribution, production loading, inventory management and general support for Class 1s and the railway industry.

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